About Armstrong Concrete II LLC

We provide Residential and Commercial concrete services to the upstate of South Carolina

Just as water, cement and stone are the key ingredients to the strength of any concrete foundation, the key ingredients to the strength of Armstrong Concrete II LLC. requires the following six principles:

  • Safety — build an injury-free environment through a commitment to training and awareness
  • Quality — deliver workmanship that is unparalleled
  • Service — create cohesive, collaborative work-teams that exceed expectations
  • Integrity — to deliver what we promise and stand for what is right
  • Professionalism — employ a high caliber of craftsmen and technical support staff
  • Teamwork — support, protect and encourage each other to exceed our goals

…with our commitment to these principles, we are able to create a foundation that will support successful, lifelong relationships with our clients


Policy on Naturally Forming Cracks in Concrete

At Armstrong Concrete II LLC. we work hard to give you a finished product that you envision. This pamphlet is here to better inform the customer on the behavior of concrete, and our method of building.

Armstrong Concrete II LLC. standard practice for placing concrete is as follows:

1) All concrete is placed on red dirt unless specified stone.

2) All Gravel is placed and compacted on undisturbed soil if needed.

3) Concrete is 3000psi unless otherwise specified

4) All concrete is placed at the manufactures specifications, using minimum water so not to exceed those specifications.

5) The concrete is placed during optimal weather conditions.

6) Rebar/Wire Mesh added if requested

Understanding Concrete

Concrete is a natural substance, and naturally cracks. To better guide the cracks in concrete, lines, known as control joints, are placed through-out the project. Doing this allows the concrete to expand and contract during temperature shifts, creating the hairline cracks in the bottom of said joints. Joints placed are designed to be both decorative as well functional. Despite all prudent planning, sometimes a crack will form in an area outside a placed control joint. There is no determining where this might happen. We do have ways to deal with cracks if need be.

With all this said and done, Armstrong Concrete II LLC. does not warranty against any cracking that may form on the inside or outside of control joints. A crack is not a defect.

At Armstrong Concrete II, we are passionate about concrete and strive to give you the customer, the best possible results. We’re glad you have taken the time, and thank you for choosing Armstrong Concrete II LLC.

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